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Common Questions People Ask as a Potential Buyer in Today’s Market.

Why Do I need an agent as a buyer?

A: You don’t NEED an agent. But why wouldn’t you want one? A good agent’s job is to present you with as much information possible, let you make the decisions and then make it work. ON TIME! On top of that, the seller usually pays all agent fees.

Can't I just go up to the house and talk to their agent?

A: Yes, you can go up to the house and deal with their agent. The problem is that you will be at a sever disadvantage. Most people have not bought a home in years and the agent is a professional. They are going to take every advantage they can for their client.

Why don’t you just show me houses and if I like one we will sign up with you and buy it?

A: Unless it is in writing, nothing is real estate is enforceable by law. So unless you are planning on not doing what you just asked, why wouldn’t you sign a contract that says just that. That’s what a buyers agency agreement does.

What are the drawbacks of having an agent as a buyer?

A: If you have a good agent, NONE. They are going to work hard to find you a home and negotiate the best deal for you. Once a price is agreed on they, set up appointments with a lawyer, bank, inspector, appraiser, insurance company and the sellers agent. Our job is to make sure you meet all deadlines.

Can I get out of this contract before the end?

A: Yes if we are not doing our job or if we mutually feel it would be in the best interest not to work together. This is a bilateral contract. Not only does it state that we are to be paid for our work, but it states that we need to be actively working. If you don’t hear from us in 3 months of a 1 year contract, we are not doing our job. Thus in breach of contract.

What if after I sign a contract, I find a home on my own. Do I need to tell you?

A: Well you don’t need to tell us, but we are still entitled to be paid. Let us do our job. By law, the contract says we must work for you. Tell us about the home so we can do some research on it and help. We have both training and professional knowledge that can save you time and money.

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